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The key economic variables that impact on changes to the valuation are the long-term Labour Cost Index , average weekly earnings and the discount rate. Discount rates were derived from the yield curve for New Zealand Government bonds. For these forecast statements, the claims liability has been updated for the latest discount rates as at 31 March 2014. The equivalent single effective discount rate, taking into account ACC’s projected future cash flow patterns, is 5.15% and allows for a long-term discount rate of 5.5% from 2035. Any such variance will have a corresponding impact on the operating balance.

  • As part of the actuarial valuation, inflation rates are used to help estimate future cash flows, while discount rates are used to obtain the value of those future cash flows in today’s dollars .
  • The scenarios represent two of a number of ways that the economy could deviate from the main forecast.
  • If the shares are in overseas companies and you’re in the FIF rules, you do not need to include any gains separately as they will be taken into account in the different methods.
  • Setup time – you’ll need to invest a day or two to ensure everything is set up, bank feeds work and your invoice templates work.

For example, strong Chinese demand for our key commodity exports has contributed to the terms of trade reaching a 40-year high, improving incomes and supporting the exchange rate at high levels. Risks posed to the outlook for key trading partners, and global financial settings in general, are all factors that can lead to rapid changes in the economic outlook for New create a free invoice Zealand. Geopolitical risks have also increased, with Russia’s annexation of Crimea creating ongoing diplomatic tensions with the West and greater uncertainty in financial markets. The net operating balance uses the framework developed by the International Monetary Fund called Government Financial Statistics and is specifically designed for government reporting.

Statement Of Specific Fiscal Risks

The forecast financial statements are presented in New Zealand dollars rounded to the nearest million, unless separately identified. These forecast financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Public Finance Act 1989 and with New Zealand Generally Accepted Accounting Practice as defined in the Financial Reporting Act 1993. Figure 7 shows New Zealand’s terms of trade and historical average levels (50-, 30- and 20-year averages) and a time-varying trend using a statistical filter. The historical average and trend estimates are used as estimates of the structural level of the terms of trade. Using the statistical filter runs the risk of interpreting long cycles as structural shifts in real time, whereas using an historical average suffers from the opposite risk. Sensitivity analysis is performed by calculating the indicators using alternative output gaps and values for the elasticity of tax revenues with respect to the output gap which are half and twice the magnitude of the baseline estimate.

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To the extent that a gain reverses a loss previously charged to the statement of financial performance for the asset class, the gain is credited to the statement of financial performance. Otherwise, gains are credited to an asset revaluation reserve for that class of asset. To the extent that there is a balance in the asset revaluation reserve for the asset class any loss is debited to the reserve. Transactions between entities within the Government reporting entity do not qualify for hedge accounting in the financial statements of the Government . Foreign exchange gains and losses arising from translating monetary items that form part of the net investment in a foreign operation are reported in a translation reserve in net worth and recognised in the statement of comprehensive income. The operating balance includes gains and losses not reported directly as a movement against net worth.

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