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Even though we do not need to hold a proper tax invoice to make the GST claim, the University still requires that all payments must have adequate documentation. Most items charged to Public Authorities and New Zealand entities should have GST added to them. These include salaries and employee related expenses on charged to Health authorities for joint clinical staff employed principally by the University. This situation was resolved by the Health Board in the end who gave the academic taxi chits and directly reimbursed the academic for all his costs involved with all future meetings. Another recent example was where a staff member travelled to Wellington to a meeting of one of the Health Board advisory committees. The staff member asked the University for reimbursement of his costs to attend , then the University invoiced the Health Board for these costs.

There have been a lot of changes with regards to overseas transactions recently through the introduction of the ‘Netflix tax’ and the impending ‘Amazon tax’. This does not automatically mean that GST can be claimed for all purchases regardless of GST rate. GST is undoubtedly a bit of a minefield for a number of small business owners. The biggest concern we hear regularly is that people just want to get it right.

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The student fees and accommodation costs should be charged to the individual students , then a schedule of students where the fees are to be paid should be sent to the funder. Where consumables are being supplied by, and payment made to, the University of Otago directly, these should be subject to GST. It would be preferable that they are invoiced separately to the external party as this is a service being provided by the University of Otago and subject to GST.

  • Vehicles covered by this exemption include utilities , vans, light pick-up trucks, and vehicles with a gross laden weight of more than 3,500 kilograms.
  • You will need to ensure the tax rate of the nil GST items or totals are set as no GST or at the rate of 0%.
  • Registration imparts an obligation to charge GST on goods and services provided by the University (supplies – output tax).
  • If, however, you order a size M “red” shirt and receive a size M “brown” shirt, then it is not as specified, and a refund will be considered if the shirt is returned to the supplier.
  • FBT is payable only on the Departmental contributions to this gift,not on contributions from staff.

This approach will ensure all transactions that flow from a webstore through to inventory management and through to the accounting system will be properly accounted for. It completes an audit trail, ensures GST is accounted for correctly and will highlight issues if balances in each of the three contacts start to build up. To this end, bank deposits appearing in the Xero bank accounts for sales related transactions may get allocated across sales transactions in a broad-brush approach. You can make it pretty like Word with fonts and all that, and of course it’s designed to calculate so easy for invoices, don’t even need a template, just set one up yourself and save it as a template.

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Once it’s transaction linked, Cin7 converts it to a stock cost. After you’ve received in product from your stock supplier, you may receive a separate bill from your freight forwarder for the cost of shipping the goods from their warehouse to yours. Do so by setting up a customer called “YOUR BUSINESS NAME Warranties” and create a sale to this “customer” at a price of $0.01. The transaction is treated as a sale and invoiced to the customer in the first instance with the intention that the customer will pay for the items. Export the list from Xero into Excel and sort by COGS, Adjustments and then PO’s. Compare the data starting with COGS as it will only be one entry.

free invoice no gst

Lilly is a Digital Marketing Specialist in LegalVision’s Marketing team. Lilly has extensive experience in developing and executing marketing and go-to-market strategies for SMEs, startups and professional services firms. She also has proven experience in analysing customer behaviour data to drive revenue and creating content for various mediums and audiences. free invoice download The GST-inclusive amount and a statement that GST is included if GST is charged at the standard rate for all the goods or services listed. You buy supplies worth more than $50 for your taxable activity or you sell goods or services worth more than $50. It can be difficult to predict where your client will be when they receive and attempt to view your invoice.

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