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We do more than just match people to jobs—we build long-term relationships with our contractors and we actively promote them to clients. Our in-depth knowledge of the public sector makes us the first choice for public sector clients looking for contractors. They will be invoiced in advance, with payment due as per the payment terms of the invoice. Fees are to be paid in accordance with the selected plan, via the payment method selected. You acknowledge that the purpose of the Service is to connect you to potential Businesses.

Once you’ve established timeframes for work and payment, and once the work has been completed, it’s time to get paid for real. This is also an important moment in the process to determine who exactly you should be sending the invoice to. For work done at a large organisation, you should have on-file the email address of someone that will handle payroll. If you don’t have this information, it’s super important you find the contact details of someone at the organisation . Exception – If the 20th falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, then it will be processed the next business day.

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Contractors control the hours they work, how work is done, and use their own tools. A contractor is less likely to be integrated into the team, for example they might not be invited to company events, and they should not be required to wear company uniform. Sometimes referred to as an independent contractor, a contractor will be engaged by a principal to complete certain tasks or perform services.

  • Some industries are required by the IRD to deduct from their independent contractors and pay to the IRD withholding tax.
  • If you are a non-New Zealand tax resident providing services in New Zealand you may have New Zealand tax obligations.
  • A great way to get an idea of the market rate for the job is to use a wide range job sites like Seek or Trade Me, or by talking to a recruiter.
  • Unlike an employee, an independent contractor is not covered by normal employment laws.

More information on all your tax obligations can be found on the IRD website. Contractors hired by a recruitment agency, or other labour hire business, must have tax deducted from their pay. When requested by our free invoice header clients, we engage the services of contractors, such as yourself, to deliver on specific assignments, i.e., contracts. You acknowledge that the purpose of the Service is to connect you to potential Contractors.


Instead of drafting an independent contractor agreement, you could instead choose to sign your contractor’s own service agreement. However, this could be less advantageous for your business so you should get independent legal advice. Distinguishing between employees and contractors can be challenging, but it is essential to get it right because it can have a significant legal and financial impact on your business. Your only guaranteed means of getting paid is by creating and sending an invoice yourself, unless your clients pay you directly via credit card or through buyer-created invoices. And unfortunately, unlike in a permanent job, invoicing as a sole trader won’t just start happening ‘automatically’. Real-time updates will be made to your clients-jobs, interim invoices can be reviewed, budgets set for each client or block.

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Contractors can organize estimates into sections including labor, materials, project stage or room for clients. Additionally, individuals can access, export or store customer information, record payments and customize invoices by adding brand logos. Joist provides mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, enabling contractors to manage projects, accept payments, create or edit invoices and more. The product is available for free on on monthly or annual subscriptions and support is extended via email, live chat and documentation.

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The Contractor will invoice The Johnson Group for your services. As independent contracts are self-employed, you are not entitled to receive employment benefits such as sick/annual leave or holiday pay. Contractors are also required to pay their own taxes and ACC levies. You can offer your customers online credit card payments on any invoice you email via Tradify.

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