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The customer service said they will confirm ,but is already five days,I didn’t receive any result. If you get a visa rejection, you will get a letter and asked to leave Belgium in one month’s time. However, you can reapply invoice template google docs your cohabitation visa all over again to continue staying in Belgium after a rejection. Hallo, I have married a Belgian 6 years ago in my hometown. After marriage, my husband decided to live in his country for good.

In most situations, our prices are updated at least yearly. We did reach out to you with the increase to ask if you wanted to proceed with the order. In such instances, we do understand that pricing and quantities can be prohibitive.


A quite staggering percentage of respondents (38%) expects DSO to increase over the next 12 months. Another issue weighing on the business environment in the US is the lower external demand for exports. Low oil prices and low growth of productivity in Mexico, and the recession in Brazil, are factors forecast to lead to rising bankruptcies in these countries this year. 33.5% of respondents in Brazil reported that maintaining sufficient cash flow levels will be their biggest challenge to their business profitability. Based on responses across the Americas, late payment of B2B invoices occurs most often due to customers’ liquidity constraints (46.8% in respect to domestic and 37.3% in respect to foreign customers).

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Our payment gurus will advise you on the ideal payment set-up, helping you build the best experience for your customers. Whether email, social media or messenger, just use your usual communications channel to send the link. Monitor, manage and reconcile payments quickly and easily with real-time transaction data and a comprehensive reporting suite. Learn how BearingPoint Bill can transform your business with innovative approaches to payment systems within the banking industry. Success lies in understanding the nature of the entire payments ecosystem, and developing a solution that enables it to work to the full advantage of all the players.

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