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Please include all details of the invoice you are querying, e.g. If your email has been returned to you please check that you have sent an appropriate file format. If your invoice has been created in Microsoft Excel or Word, please convert it to PDF format before submitting to Vector for payment. If you do not have a purchase order, please contact the person you have been dealing with at Vector to request this information. You should have received a purchase order when the goods or services were requested. The Contractor HSE Handbookhas been developed to provide a minimum set of expectations for all contractors engaged in work on behalf of Vector or any of its subsidiaries.

When you sign up to Electric Kiwi, we search the Electricity Authority’s nationwide database to determine what set up you have. You’ll automatically be allocated the rates we have for your property. Electric Kiwi is independently owned and we’re NZ’s fastest growing power company. The quickest way to find out whether you have a smart meter is to enter your address here.

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While you’re at it, ask if they have a purchase order number for you to include on the invoice. If not, add the name of your main contact so they can approve the invoice. Have a look at our information on receiving late electricity bills, and if this doesn’t answer your question go to Utilities Disputes for help – you shouldn’t have to pay all this bill at once anyway. To help us get a fairer deal for all New Zealand consumers you can make a donation. We’ll use your contribution to investigate consumer issues and work for positive change. The Consumer Advice Line is available to all our members for support on any consumer-related issue.

  • We bring Kiwis low electricity prices every day and guaranteed savings in their first year – so you can be sure you’ll save.
  • Vector may be required to deduct withholding tax from payments to you.
  • Keep a record of the readings and compare them with what’s shown on your bill to make sure you’ve been charged correctly.
  • The Consumer Advice Line is available to all our members for support on any consumer-related issue.

It’s super easy to download on the App Store or on Google Play here and uses the same login details as your online account. During “peak overload” times, such as during a cold snap in winter the ‘peak load’ gets too much for the day-to-day national infrastructure. Everyone wants to use power at the same time as it might be really cold, but not enough electricity can be generated to support us all.

Instant payments incur a 1.5% surcharge to use a Credit/Debit Card or 1% surcharge for Bank Account instant payments. For general and billing enquiries we take pride in offering a fast and easy-to-use online support service. Use live chat, the callback option or send us a message.

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When we move towards the completion of your design project, we will provide you with beautifully crafted mock templates for the best presentation. Once you’re happy with the brand finals and the visual identity we have created for you, you’ll receive a detailed invoice for our service. The final files will be issued and print runs will be delivered once the payment has been processed. Recurring invoice – if you charge your customer the same amount every time, you can just send a recurring invoice.

free vector invoice

It captures your customer’s inquiry whether it’s voice, digital or social . It then uses natural language understanding to automatically direct the inquiry to the right place. We can set up the intelligent classification together based on the customer’s intent, context and keywords. Whether it’s a person or a system, you can decide what works best for your business. Open and end-to-end automation supports every change you want to make in your business. There’s tools that reveal the best automation opportunities, you can build robots fast and then manage ROI with thorough analytics.

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Wherever possible Resene logos should be used on a ‘rich black’ background – ‘Rich Black’ being 40% Cyan and 100% Black for a more depth black. Fortis Weld Inspection Ltd is focused on quick, accurate turnarounds and raising the standard in the weld inspection and testing industry. 14.6 The Contractor reserves the right to review these terms and conditions at any time. If, following any such review, there is to free plan zoho invoice be any change to these terms and conditions, then that change will take effect from the date on which the Contractor notifies the Customer of such change. 2.3 The method of payment of the Contractors fees will either be by bank deposit or cash. 1.2 The Contractor represents to the Customer that the Contractor has all the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to perform the services to a proper standard.

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