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General Terms And Conditions Of Purchase Luxembourg

I know my visit will still be tracked, but all my data will be completely anonymised and will not be send to any third party. In the event of faulty deliveries, we shall be entitled to withhold payment until the proper performance of the order, without losing any rebates, cash discounts or similar payment advantages. The deliveries, inclusive of appropriate packaging and insurance, shall be carried out at the expense of the supplier. Shipping terms with different arrangements shall require written agreement.
invoice template
The software of our products is being continuously updated in order to ensure the most up-to-date security standards. We do everything we can to protect your personal data and your privacy at every moment and regardless of our communication channel. The right to data portability – This enables individuals to keep and reuse their personal data for their own use. The right to rectification – Private individuals must have the right to rectify the personal data if incorrect or incomplete.


Even if you don’t start a business, a recognized diploma could prove useful for finding a job or bargaining for a higher salary. To be clear, we are not lawyers and the following information should not be considered legal advice. This material is directed toward refugees and other newcomers in Luxembourg. If you are conducting business outside Luxembourg, we invoice simple encourage you to find sources relevant for conducting business there. With more and more newcomers to Luxembourg poised to create their own businesses in the country, we decided to make the information of our infosessions available to a wider audience by presenting it in an online format. Technical assistance operations are subject to a tendering procedure.

Meter readings are recorded by your network manager multiple times per day and transferred to us on a daily basis. Your privacy is guaranteed, as the use of the data is only permitted for clearly defined purposes. In the event of an early acceptance of the delivery items, the payment period shall start from the delivery date in accordance with the purchase order or receipt of invoice – whichever is the latest. In the event of contracts for deliveries or contractually agreed acceptance, the payment period shall not commence prior to acceptance. If a remote data transfer link is set up to the supplier, the requirement for a written form is waived for the purchase orders/requests specified under point b). However, any legally binding declaration that deviates from or supplements the framework agreement must be provided in writing.

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