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Metering and billing, which is broken down on your statement, are invoiced to you monthly for a single or dual tariff meter recording a 24h/24h electricity supply. “Common” residential consumption cannot be predicted – for example, lifts, lighting of corridors and cellars, which are activated at random at any time of day. This produces a higher purchase price, and thus a more expensive sales tariff.

  • To provide Arendt Services with timely access to all data, information and contact persons for the execution of the Agreement.
  • In order to obtain financing , the numbers must be defendable.
  • Failing this, the invoice is payable immediately, within the legal deadlines.

The right to restrict processing – Refers to the right of an individual to block or delete the processing of his/her personal data. The right to erasure – Also known as the “right to be forgotten”, this refers an individual’s right to have his/her personal data removed without a specific reason explaining why s/he wishes to stop. As part of the payment process, the customer’s payment position is regularly tracked in order to ensure the payment of invoices over time. A piece of personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Once a year, after the reading you receive an annual statement with a payment plan for the following twelve months.

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In addition, they only have authorisation if necessary for the correct execution of their tasks and the services delivered to you. We also ensure that your data is stored in countries that observe the GDPR and that are recognised as compliant by the European Commission. The data may also be transferred to official statistical or control organisations, pursuant to national or European legislation or for statistical purposes.
Any article in these General Terms and Conditions must be read and interpreted so as to comply with applicable Luxembourg laws relating to professional secrecy and confidentiality. Companies Law means the Luxembourg law of 10 August 1915 on commercial companies, as amended. Agreement means any written agreement entered into between the Company and Arendt Services regarding the performance of Services to be provided to the Company and/or the Client by Arendt Services at the request of the Client and/or the Company. The present General Terms and Conditions govern all the service proposals, business and contractual relationships between the Client, the Company and Arendt Services as well as all assignments accepted by the latter. The general terms and conditions of the Client, if any, will not bind in any manner Arendt Services. Traditional banks, investors and business angels advise strong preparation, a complete and updated file, and an understanding of key numbers, including anticipated costs, revenues, and profits.
Participation in the tender is open to all natural and legal persons. If the financing is exclusively provided by the European Commission, participation is restricted to natural and legal persons in the Member States of the European Union and partner countries from the region covered by the financial regulation. Procured vendors can manage all aspects of their relationship with the EIB and access certificates, invoices, payments and more. The number of employees having access to your personal information is restricted.

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At the same time for all the traders who have sufficient financial guarantees and whose bids have been selected, financial guarantees will be updated according to selected bids. We may change this cookie policy at any time going forward; only the most recent version applies. We’ll also inform you when there are important changes and will ask for your consent if necessary. Contact our support services to get more help with questions and share feedback. For complaints about exercising your rights, contact our Complaints Management team.

  • DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities.
  • The payment by invoice option is accessible both via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G with a device that has an Orange SIM card, connected with the mobile network.
  • Examples include contract brokering , IT service desks (outsource your IT support with 24/7 availability), IT infrastructure migrations or why not, outsourcing your whole IT department .
  • Value-added tax is applied to the total amount of the bill and the rate is currently 8%.
  • The meter belongs to the grid operator who must ensure its proper functioning and maintenance.

The data will be used internally and may also be transmitted to third parties as part of the delivery of the service or product contracted for. In this case, Enovos will ensure compliance with the application of the GDPR by these partners. From 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will apply in every country in the European Union. This text deals with protecting natural persons and concerns more particularly the processing of personal data and its free movement. The equalisation fund is a contribution to encourage national electricity production on the basis of renewable energy sources or co-generation. The tax actually helps offset surcharges on the production with respect to traditional production .

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Meter readings are recorded by your network manager multiple times per day and transferred to us on a daily basis. Your privacy is guaranteed, as the use of the data is only permitted for clearly defined purposes. When you access a third-party website through our digital services, their cookie policy applies. Our apps sometimes send you to third-party websites, like when you buy ‘Additional services’ using our Mobile app.

To help ensure prompt delivery, a contact person and telephone number must be included. Within the framework of these value added third party services, Orange acts only as an intermediary by handling the network connection and billing. Performance cookies help us collect anonymous statistical data such as the number of visits, the average time spent on the website or the pages consulted during a browsing session. The information is aggregated and anonymous, and allows us to monitor invoice asap login and improve the performance of our website. An invoice is deemed to have been accepted in the event of unconditional payment or silence from the buyer’s side which goes beyond the time frame required to check the invoice, its terms and the goods to which it relates. In the case of transactions with consumers, the invoice must contain an explicit statement that the trader intends to claim statutory interest for late payment if payment is not made before the set due date.

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So far I haven’t found anything that I do not like about the software. I use the software about once a month so paying for it is barely worth it but I keep it around because it has all my contacts and info that I invoice frequently. I have read and accept the privacy policy and the general terms of use.
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A World Bank study puts the global estimate of physical water losses at 32 billion cubic meters each year. If the water losses in developing countries could be halved, the saved water would be enough to supply around 90 million people around the world. If pre-judicial measures do not produce results, the next step is the judicial dunning procedure, which we will initiate at your request. In advance, we will again carry out an examination of the debtor in order to find out exactly whether judicial dunning proceedings even make sense for you. If this is the case, we will accompany you on the way from titling to further measures.
The timely and automatic processing of companies’ invoices in the EU facilitates cross-border trade operations between countries. There is nothing to stop businesses providing additional information on their invoices to that described above. Provide the Signature and Title of the shipper and the Date signed. Enter the Terms of Sale that defines the charges included in the total value on the invoice. Examples include, Cost and Freight and Cost, Insurance and Freight .
We recover your receivables worldwide thanks to our international network. We know the country-specific business culture, the legal system and speak the language of your debtor. Advertising fraud – Unsolicited email messages offering advertising, directory entries or other services. Again, the purpose of the message is fraudulent, in the sense that victims most often believe that the received mail does not constitute a commercial offer.

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