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1/ The delivery was exactly as you had predicted and arrived on time. We hope that you and all those in and around Gloucester are keeping safe and the current weather event is not impacting on you too much. We just got back to Brisbane & wanted to give you our heartfelt huge thanks for doing such an outstanding job with our troopy fit out. Please accept my thanks to you and your crew for a job very well done. The installation kit, and the workmanship of the Wagon 2 setup is 1st class.

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Our first impression is simple put ” we love it” . We will give it a good work out these next 4 days as we are camping and will make full use of it Luke i also see you put the table between the drawers which is great , its a good height and works well for putting stuff on out of the fridge …side of the road type. So Luke to you and your team at Drifta although i have never met , i can feel the passion and enthusiasm from you all, we certainly appreciate the approach you took with us and we also like the way we were kept informed from Julie and Emilia on progress. I am sure this wont be the last thing we will be buying from you guys. I hope you all have a chance to have a small break over Easter and we will let you know with some photos how we went in the near future. Many thanks to all who ” Made It Happen” Regards Grant & Linda.

Account Of The Wreck Of The Ship “de Vergulde

In his Essai sur l’Histoire de la Cosmographie et de la Cartographie du Moyen Age, vol. I, p. 229, the Vicomte informs us that “Certain cartographers of the middle ages, still continue to represent the Antichthonein their maps of the world in accordance with the belief that, beyond the ocean of Homer, there was an inhabited country, another temperate region, called the “opposite earth”, which it was impossible to reach, principally on account of the torrid zone. Just to let you know my DISCOVERY 4 drawers arrived last week, and I fitted them a few days ago. Thank you so much for such a professional product and friendly way of doing business. I would like to thank yourself, beechy and the whole team at Drifta for such awesome customer service. I have never received service as high as Driftas.

All our chairs and airbeds fitted easily between the draws and the Tonneau cover and just made it nicer not having to pull everything out to get to the bottom. Have been waiting to send this till after our first camping trip with the new draw system in the back of the BT. Again, I appreciate your time and the drawers you have built and I will definitely be passing on the Drifta name for recommendations as well as returning myself as a future customer. I’ve got a neat 12V setup and a big Waeco fridge on the slide so I was the envy of everyone camping with us.

Gas Hot Water System

The editor has succeeded in procuring a tracing of that portion which affects the present question, and finds it to agree with the other maps of the kind in the delineation of the coast of “la Grande Java.” “On a closer and more minute examination of Dourado’s map, and others, I think it may now be made evident that the free xero invoice templates download coast said to have been discovered by Magelhaens, in 1520, and mistaken by Sa de Bandeira and others, for part of the coast of New Holland, is no other than the northern coast of New Guinea. Vulcan hot water systems are built with the best quality materials. Vulcan is tough, adaptable and always a popular choice.

  • Most importantly, I have to compliment your staff and their outstanding customer service.
  • Instead of paying the cleaners to clean walls, dust etc from every surface, we paid our son’s mate to clean every window at an hourly rate over several days.
  • A big thanks to your team Luke, best quality product made by Australians and first rate customer service.
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